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What Gift to Give

May 15, 2017 8 Comments

Hmm.  What should I give?

The question that pops into our head when a special occasion is approaching.


This past weekend was Mother’s Day,  and I saved this post for after it so as not to ruin any surprises (Since my husband and I actually used some of these gift ideas for our mothers!). Even though Mother’s Day has come and gone, these gift ideas would work great for other holidays and other special occasions as well!


Gift #1

Personalized Gift Baskets

Sure, you can order these online from various sites, however it can be more personal (and I actually find it enjoyable to do so), by putting one together on your own!  The good side of this option especially, is that there are different types of baskets you can decide to put together, based on the likes of the person you are looking to gift!


  • Wine and goodies basket– bottle of wine, some crackers or flatbread products, some fruit based snacks, as well as nuts and/or jams.
  • Scent basket — full of candles, lotions, bath fragrances, home fragrances, etc.
  • Game Night basket — Uno? Phase 10? Plain ol’ deck of cards? Cards against humanity? This list could go on and on!
  • Kitchen/Baking basket–  baking products (cake mixes, cookie mixes), oven mitts, apron, cupcake pans, etc.
  • Campfire Night basket-  Smores ingredients, campfire utensils, a fleece blanket to cover up with if outside on a chilly night, etc.

The point is that this option is so versatile, and can really be personalized so well.  Think of the person (or persons, if gifting a couple or family) and make a list of their likes, hobbies, interests, and go from there.

TJMaxx or Home Goods are great places to get a wire basket and you can pretty much count on there being various sizes available (for a cheaper price as well, score!).  And then you can get the paper stuffing, plastic wrap, and pretty ribbon from stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

We actually used this idea for my Mother-in-Law’s gift– having gone with the first option I mentioned above, a Wine Basket! (The cute canvas wine bag is from TJMaxx as well!) ::Excuse the beginner wrap job ::


Gift #2


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right?  Well heck, any jewelry can be such a staple in a woman’s wardrobe and add that extra “oomph” to make her stand out. A popular trend at the moment are bangles;  and there are so many different types/styles/colors/charms out there, that this can such a sentimental gift.

My husband went this route, by surprising me with a paw print bangle (since I am currently solely a pooch mom), which was heart felt and touching since I was not expecting anything.

In the past, I have sought this route, having given both my mother and MIL bangles as gifts for our wedding. As well as to my sister for being my maid of honor when asking her to be part of our wedding.  Add to that list, my sister and I had gotten my mom the Mother’s Day bangle set from Alex and Ani last year for Mother’s Day.

Can you tell I like this gift idea?


Gift #3


Now this is more helpful if you know the person’s style, or you can always just resort to a gift card and let them choose for themselves.  Also, this option CAN BE IFFY. However, loving fashion like I do, I dare enough to go this route– my husband, mother, and sister are able to vouch for me that I enjoy gifting them this option, haha.  (Side note– gift receipts are always important, that way if you got the sizes wrong or if the person just does not like what you chose, they can return it and find something for themselves, but hey, at least you tried!). Part of my mom’s Mother’s Day gift this year were two shirts, and I must know my mom’s taste, because lo-and-behold she had bought the very same two shirts earlier that same week! (Good thing I included the gift receipts!)


Gift #4

Something different.

Feel like you always get a certain someone the same thing every year? Unsure of what else to go with? Relatively recently, I came across a company on good ol’ Instagram and then checked out their website– it’s called Woo Garden. They are a jam company based in San Jose, California but you can order their jams online!  For Mother’s Day, I sent my mom their sampler pack of Strawberry, Pineapple, and Blueberry jams and I cannot wait to try them personally (I had her promise to save me some to try!)

So, give small businesses a chance.  Dare to switch it up.


Hope these tips come in handy for upcoming occasions!


– jac



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    May 15, 2017

    Great job…loved it. 💕

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      May 16, 2017

      THANK YOU! <3

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    May 15, 2017

    Well my dear I already love your blog page you know how to give great ideas – way to go my beautiful friend, keep them coming -Jac

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      May 16, 2017

      aw shucks, lady! 🙂 thanks for the kind words & support!

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    May 16, 2017

    Love this post ! You already gave me a great idea for a basket for newlyweds or new home owners (game night basket) so clever 😘 Keep the post coming.

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      May 16, 2017

      thank you, my person! & yessss ma’am! <3

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    May 16, 2017

    Couldn’t be more proud of this endeavor you’ve embarked on!!! Keep it up, and keep giving me ideas ; )

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      May 16, 2017

      thanks for the support, my dear!!