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Staycation…had to get away!

June 6, 2017 4 Comments

Vacation all I ever wanted, STAYcation had to get away!..


We all have a group of friends that we love to hang out with. But between schedules, and work, and families, etc, it’s hard to get everyone together at the same time. Well, three months ago we set a date for a quick weekend getaway. And this past weekend was it!


We decided to stay closer to home–doing a staycation in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  As much as I (along with everyone else, I’m sure) would have LOVED to just pack up and gone far, far away– a staycation worked best for us.   We only had two days for our getaway, and we didn’t have to worry about too much travel time (it took us just under 2 hours driving). And that way no real travel expenses and we stayed in a good ol Best Western, in one of their suites, all cramming in. Which was awesome, and perfectly fit all of us. (Although we could’ve used a second bathroom, along with a few more mirrors besides the two in the ONLY bathroom, but otherwise the space was great!)


I did not take any pics of inside the suite, but this was our beautiful balcony with a beach view.





Although, imagine the downer when a couple days before the weekend approached, the forecast was calling for showers 👎🏼 But we all already had off from work, had a hotel booked, so we still went with high hopes for an awesome weekend. And guess what?! It NEVER rained!!


We left bright and early on the Saturday– made a couple pit stops for some munchies and adult beveragesss, and finally got to the beach. There were a few clouds in the sky..but those soon went away.  Canopy got set up, had some corn hole in tow as well, and of course great company.  I randomly concocted a beverage at home a couple weeks ago, it had been when my girlfriend was over, and I didn’t have a fruity wine like we were craving, so I instead decided to work with something I had on hand.  The result?…mixing Simply Lemonade (with blueberry!) with champagne! So light and refreshing, it was perfect for our beach trip! That same girlfriend was along for the trip, and she decided to mix hers with a pineapple/mango drink by Simply Tropical, which was just as delish! Click the link to check out the little boomerang I made of my happy dance! || Beverage Boomerang!||


Also, an awesome beach trip wouldn’t be complete without cute floats! And we came prepared! I mean, pineapples & flamingos just scream summer! These kept us laughing.  We had some kiddos along with our group, so the floats were of course a hit with them. But we didn’t let them have all the fun! I learned that the flamingo was NOT so easy to keep a balance on and staying afloat was a challenge 😂😂. My friend and I thought it was a great idea to both get on the flamingo together and a huge wave came right up and knocked us over. Hysterical. Tons of laughing. But this is also when the forsaken tragedy of the weekend happened– the losing of my Michael Kors sunnies 😱😩.  They got knocked right off my head (shame on me for having them on–I know, I know.) The wave definitely had oomph to it, because my earring also fell off in the process. Enough of that, let’s focus on the cute pics!




Aaaaand then Flaco the flamingo let me down, haha



All that goofing around and having fun, made us work up an appetite! We ate at a place called Chase’s on the Beach. Good food and drinks, plus live entertainment! The weather was beautiful, with a light breeze. Just perfect. I had a yummy Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap and a Frozen Strawberry Margarita 👌🏼




After that was a a trip back to the hotel to get freshened up and ready for a night out! Again, ONE bathroom, and many a people to get showered and ready (8 to be exact).  But it added to the bonding of the trip.  The bathroom was obviously occupied by people getting showers in, so the girls had to “set up camp” in one of the rooms, taking over the beds,  doing their make-up with their little pocket mirrors, listening to throwback 90’s music, singing, laughing, and gabbing away in the process.  We then headed to Flagler Ave, and hit up a couple of the bars.  This is one pic I got in of the hubs and I (I was so excited that my Vince Camuto linen pants went perfectly with the beach weekend!)



We got so much to fit into one day, and we couldn’t believe it was almost over.


To finish the weekend off, we slept in a littleee, checked out, and then grabbed some brunch at this cute little spot called The Baker’s Table. It had a hipster vibe to it, which I liked.  And the meals that myself and my husband got–both scrumptious!




So, craving a getaway? You don’t necessarily have to look far from home.  Just some good company and a good mindset and let the rest happen.


Staycation, had to get awaaayyy.


– Jac


PS–Where have you guys gone for quick getaways?! I would love to hear!

June 11, 2017



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    June 7, 2017

    Lea ing with some friends on Sunday to Kalahari water park in Sandusky OH…. We will be laughing tons. 🙂

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      June 9, 2017

      Ooooo! Fun! Haven’t heard of that one. Enjoy!!

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    June 14, 2017

    Okay, this is adorable! I love it all! So last year, we went to New Buffalo, MI which is just a short drive from the Chicago suburbs where we live! This year we are going to Lake Geneva, WI for our anniversary, and again, it’s under 2 hours to get there. Both are on lakes, and they have so many cute bars/straunts to go to ! We did a winery tour last summer in New Buffalo and did lots of eating. LOL!
    What a fun weekend you had!

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      June 19, 2017

      ohhh, lake trips are always fun!!, and even better when nice bars and restaurants are nearby!

      and girl, you had me at winery 😂🙋🏻
      I did a bunch of wineries for part of my bachelorette last summer, woo!

      thanks for sharing!!