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June 20, 2017 4 Comments

Those who know me..know I LOVE the challenge of traveling with just a carry on! Back when I was preparing for our honeymoon last year..I had many a people tell me that there was noooo way I could take just a carry on. BUT, lo and behold, I did just that! I fit all my clothes and necessities for our 12 day European honeymoon in just my carry on luggage! πŸ˜±πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™‹πŸ» say whaaaat?!Β  You heard me right. 12 days in a carry on!


It is something I am very proud of! It’s much easier traveling ‘light’–not having to lug around big bags or worrying about checking those bags in and getting them after landing.


Well, we have our NY trip which we leave for tomorrow (woo!), and I am getting all my goodies packed for that, and I thought I’d share some tricks and tips with everyone. Now, this is only a 6 day trip, so it’s MUCH less difficult than double that like for the honeymoon, ha. But, I am packing lots of options (a girl needs her options after all), so you’ll see the basic idea behind the technique and what not.


What I’m packing (and then undies and bras of course, not featured here)–Excuse the little bit messy comforter.


So, it’s a good amount to say the least, haha. Β I also throw a straightener in there, and some travel necessities (mini hairspray and mousse, travel size dry shampoo–from one of my monthly Ipsy bags!, travel toothbrushes, soap, make up remover, etc.)


I took a pic of the travel size stuff that I love to bring along on trips!



And no, I do not have any kiddos, haha, but if you spy that KIDS Banana Boat sunscreen— it is spf 50, which my husband has quite pasty skin so he needs a higher spf. Β However, traveling with just a carry on, you can only have 3 oz or less of liquid products, and since many a people do not have spf 50 sunscreen at their house (I can usually bank on people having spf 30 though), I needed to pick up a travel size for him so I wouldn’t have to worry about purchasing some once we get up there. Β And do you know how hard it is to find a travel size sunscreen in spf 50 unless it’s for kids or a baby?! haha So that is why that is includedΒ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


And then I bring a personal bag. Which mine is like a weekender type–so it fits a bunch of goodies as well!, I will have to do a separate post another day on that bag alone because it is uh-mazing! (I used it on our honeymoon as well!) And the personal bag I fit things like makeup bags x2, jewelry, contacts, glasses, charger, iPad, a book to read, etc.)


So, back to packing….my trick for getting all those clothes in a carry on?! Β It’s all in theΒ ROLL! Yup, I simply fold and roll my clothes to be able to fit more! Like so,




(I only rolled on the left side in this pic, just for you to get the idea, because like I mentioned earlier, this trip is only for 6 days and I had more space.) Β However when we went for ourΒ 12 day European Honeymoon, I rolled everything. And it fit perfectly! In addition to rolling, my other tip/trick?


This Gem..



It is a travel size of Downy wrinkle releaser Plus! I used it back on our honeymoon, and it worked wonders! (This is not a sponsored ad–just a product that I came across and has worked for me!)

Especially because I had all my stuff rolled, I would take out what I wanted to wearΒ and spray it (holding it a little ways away from the item of clothing), then would shake it out a little and let it air dry while I went and showered and got ready, and then it was good to go! For items that seemed a little more wrinkled, I would take out what I planned to wear the next day, (the night before), and spray it, but then I would hang it up and let it air dry over night, and by the next morning, wa-la!


I used this same technique/trick for packing my husband’s carry-on for our 12 day honeymoon as well, Β and it also worked like a charm! (And his clothes are larger than mine, as well as we went during September, so there was a mix of weather so we had to have both summer/fall type of clothes options. Β And still, I fit all of it in a carry on each!)


Hope these tips/tricks help!– if you try them out, I would love to hear!



June 11, 2017



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    June 22, 2017

    Awesome info. Hope you have a great trip!

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      June 24, 2017

      Glad you think so! & Thanks! ❀️

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    June 26, 2017

    Loved this . I will need to get some wrinkle release. πŸ™‚

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      June 26, 2017

      Aw thanks, I’m glad! & yess, try it out! Good to have along with ya on trips πŸ™‚