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These booties were made for walking..

July 25, 2017 4 Comments

So, recently I came across this product called ‘Preheels’.  It’s been online and on the morning talk shows. The concept of it? Pretty simple : To spray on your feet before wearing your heels, to prevent them from hurting. Just imagine– ladies nights out, date nights, birthday celebrations–getting to wear your favorite pair of heels/shoes and not suffering! Sounds heavenly ladies, am I right?! Well I just had to try it out!


It comes in a small aerosol bottle, (there are two sizes), goes on clear, and dries in about 60 seconds.  It creates a barrier between your feet and your shoes, which helps with friction. (It works to prevent blisters due to friction, not just from wearing a pair of heels that hurt your feet from standing so long, etc. The friction part is key).  It can be used not only on heels, but other shoes as well!–including flip flops, or even sneakers, that rub against your foot in an area, causing redness and blisters.








The lucky pair of shoes that I got to experiment with?! That new pair of peep toe booties I’ve been posting lately on my insta and on here. Trying them on in the store, I could already feel a pressure spot right in the peep toe area, where the top of the shoe presses on my big toe ..add to that, hours of wearing them?! I could just imagine the amount of pain.


Now I didn’t go out dancing (that will have to be next), but I did wear said pair of booties for dinner on multiple occasions and even out for a wine walk! (And the thought never crossed my mind, that “ouch these hurt” or “ugh, I can’t wait to take these off”)











The product definitely helped and made a difference. Like I said, I had already felt an inkling of pain/pressure when trying the shoes on in the store, so the fact that when using this product, and after wearing the booties for about 5 hours total (including for the wine walk) and only still feeling a slight pressure in that one spot in the peep toe area on my big toe, is huge! That even with the shoe rubbing (think “friction”, people) on that spot for those multiple hours, and it not becoming unbearable, as well as no red or irritated mark when taking the booties off at the end of the night!




-Some difficulty with washing it off.  I mean, you are spraying a layer of solution on to your foot, so keep that in mind. After my first time using the product and then showering after wearing it, I had ran out of the house to run errands and did not notice until I was already out and about that there was flakiness/scaliness on my toes/foot from where the spray had been. Even though I washed, I apparently needed to scrub some extra.


-It can matte your toenail polish. So especiallyy if you have a fresh pedicure, make sure to cover the nails with a paper towel or piece of paper, so it doesn’t ruin your nail polish!



All in all, I definitely think the product helps and will continue to use it! It’s worth it to me.


It will definitely be one of the necessities I pack along with me on my travels!





If you too would like to try this product out for yourselves– you can use my online code for 30% off your first purchase on the PreHeels website!!– just type in code — ‘JacXPreHeels’ at checkout!


Enjoy ladies! Happy shoe wearing!




And thanks to PreHeels, who sent me this product to test out and post about! *all opinions are my own. #collab


July 16, 2017



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    July 26, 2017

    Thank you. I will have to get this… I have a pair of shoes that felt the same about.

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      July 26, 2017

      yes, yes, do it! and let me know how it works for ya! 😘

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    July 26, 2017

    Okay, this is cool! I have never heard of it! But, it’d be sooo good for a day I wear heels to work for an observation or something. Not my comfy heels, but like my “really professional painful ones”. Thanks for the review, girl!

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      July 26, 2017

      bahahah “really professional painful ones” 😂😂 ….definitely let me know how they hold up!!