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We’ll Always Have Paris (+ Positano)

August 24, 2017 6 Comments

Now that I did a blog post on our actual wedding day and all those details, I wanted to share OUR HONEYMOON!!


(PSA– this post contains a lot of pics!)


I have always had the travel bug, a case of wanderlust, however you want to put it.  I’ve been lucky enough to be have traveled a good amount to various places/countries over the years. (Hmm, maybe I’ll have to do a post on that sometime, like the month I went and volunteered abroad in Peru and lived with a host family.) Any who, back on track, haha.. I’ve always had a golden rule to never repeat a place I have already traveled, because there are still so many more I want to visit and see!


What made planning our honeymoon even more exciting and fun, was that we had never gone on a real, real vacation away together. We had done little quick weekend getaways, but never flying over sees somewhere, or to an all inclusive resort or what not.  And the other thing with planning our honeymoon, is we wanted to venture somewhere we both hadn’t been.


How did we decide?? Well, back when Tim and I first started dating, we did what all couples do, talk about all different topics, our likes and dislikes, the “what ifs”.  I remember asking him if he could travel anywhere, where would it be.  His response?—Italy.  Tim, who also loves to travel and has gone on several cruises in the past, had never been over to Europe. So when planning our honeymoon, this location of course came to mind—and it was even more perfect because it was somewhere I had never ventured either! Add to that, the city of love, Paris.  (Which I had traveled to before, but I always say I would make an exception to my golden rule for because I was just that intrigued with it.  Maybe because it reminded me of my home city of NY, with the hustle and bustle, but just a fancier version, haha– who knows.)


Italy of course has many a places to see and go to!  I originally had Cinque Terre in mind, after seeing so many articles and Pinterest things on that location. But then, a certain other coastal spot became the must see and go to location, and lo- and-behold that is where we chose —POSITANO!


So, we planned a 12 day honeymoon.  Which referencing an older blog post regarding my love of carry-on packing–that is what I used for this trip, 12 day European extravaganza, with different types of weather, all in a carry on! woo woo! (As well as my amazing personal travel bag, which will be a whole separate post on it’s own, at some point)


One of the biggest things to decide when planning a trip—where to stay. Twelve days away of course doesn’t come cheap, especially with those two locations.  So to help?  We decided to stay in an Air BnB in both Positano and Paris, and absolutely LOVED both!  We picked out two cute studio apartments, which really gave us the “living like a local” feel.


The pros and cons to the air bnb in Positano? Pro was affordability, uh-mazingg view, and really feeling like we lived there.  The con?—well, if you know Positano or have even seen pictures, you know it is a cliff town.  So there’s tons of warnings on the web and Pinterest about a lot of stairs.  Well our condo?—it was wayyy up in the hills of Positano, haha. So, we had to walk at least 20 minutes to get down to the city center, which may not sound terrible, but it’s all hills and stairs. By day two, my calves were having charlie horses and in such pain! Haha (although I guess you can count the climbing of the stairs as exercise, which then made us work off all the delicious pasta we were eating)



BUT, can we just stare at this view from our air bnb condo?!







So, what did we do in Positano for the 6 days we spent there?! (Besides walk, and walk, and walk some more 😂😂 ) We ate, A LOT of delicious food.  The best Italian ever.  Some spots we ate at? Caffe Positano, Ristorante La Pergola, Il Capitano, and Il Fornillo.  Amazing.  Delicious.  All the above.












I miss my long hair! (This swimsuit makes me feel like a mermaid)










We also took the ferry over to the Island of Capri one day and did a private boat tour.  HIGHLY recommend.  We went with Gianni’s Boat, and it was something we will always remember.  It was Tim’s favorite part of the honeymoon.  We got to swim in the ice cold water (seriously took our breath away, figuring  the high temp of the day was only 72!). We got to go inside the Blue Grotto, which is a cave in the side of the cliff, except the day we went, the water was too high to go inside on the boat, so we had to jump off into the water and swim out way in! Oh my gosh.  simply amazing.  To say we experienced that, and to have done it with Tim.  It was just perfect.  We of course ate more in Capri, haha, going for slices of Sicilian pizza, and of course it was just delicious.





A littleeee bit more tan than my husband, hahah.



My hair was super super long, gosh.



















My souvenir from Positano?


A pair of custom made sandals!


Walking through the cliff town, there are many shops to walk into.  This one we came across called Ninas, a man sits there and literally makes sandals for you.  I gave him my shoe size, and picked out colors, and it was fascinating to stand there and watch him do his thing.







Just like that our time in Positano came to an end, and we were off to Paris!


Well, we actually had a one day stay over in Naples, which this next pic pretty much sums up our stay there.




6 days straight of all that pasta actually had us CRAVING something different.  anything.. even McDonalds! We walked 25 mins to get to one, which let us see a bit of the part of town we were staying in.  (This was the “to go” batch we got, we had already eaten at the actual McDonalds 😂😂) We walked quite a bit actually, even though it was suppose to be our relaxing day lol.  But after spending about 6 hours out and about, we used the rest of the day to just Netflix and chill and just hung out in the air bnb that we had quickly last minute swooped up there. (which it was another win for a condo!).  All those stairs and hills of Positano had us beat! and we needed to re-energize for Paris!



NOW, off to Paris!





The pros of the condo in Paris? Only a 15 minutes walk to the Eiffel Tower, which really gave us the opportunity to see the city.  We were right by a bunch of restaurants and stores.  And we literally felt like we lived there. I honestly cannot name any cons of this choice, it was perfect.


We once again, did A LOT of walking here too, haha. Being from NY, I am comfortable with taking trains, and the Paris train system is super easy to follow along, but some times, we just walked instead of hopping on.  And I mean, miles and miles, lol.


We went to the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, Sacre Coeur, Moulin Rouge, Champs Elysees, the Catacombs, even Jim Morrison’s grave (Tim’s request, very romantic, I know haha). Ate at cute side walk cafe’s, and even finished off our last night with a picnic on the grass by the Eiffel Tower.















Although it is not the original Love Locks Bridge (they removed those a little ways back), another section along the river has locks now!
















yup, those are skulls and bones.















Even though it was a rainy last night, we enjoyed every bit!


It was the perfect honeymoon for us.



Of course there were times that had us on edge too though —two pop into mind– On the way there missing our connecting flight to Naples (the customs agents there just talked and talked, to each other no less!, and so the line went super slow.  Not to mention it was just the TWO agents working, and hundreds of people trying to pass through and reach their connecting flights!!!  So we missed ours, and the next one to Naples was a whole 12 hours later!, so our first day of our honeymoon was spent on a plane, and then in an airport, which I literally fell asleep on the floor of.)


The other mishap?…a confusion between Tim and I regarding what credit card we were bringing, and leaving the others behind, and so in turn us ONLY having his Discover Credit Card on us (WHICH FYI–THEY DO NOTTTT TAKE IN EUROPE, PEOPLE!). haha, which I knew, but Tim did not, obviously.  lol.  It is something we look back on and laugh at now, however at the time I’m sure you could imagine it wasn’t very humorous.  Which then lead to one night Tim putting his Debit card in an ATM there just to have some extra cash on us (He had already used it once no problem a couple of days prior) and us praying to get money out, and the ATM proceeding to eat the card and tell us it was reported stolen 😱😂


SO, Lol. Otherwise it was perfect. And one recent talk we had, was about how we want to return to both of those locations!  They will forever hold a special place in our hearts, and I can totally see us making another trip to both.


Have you guys been to Italy or Paris?!

Any other places you have traveled that you recommend?!

Where have you gone in your honeymoon?!

I can’t wait to hear. Please share!!






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    August 25, 2017

    Love this post! I’m dying to make it to positano, can’t wait to take the family 🙏

    • Reply


      August 25, 2017

      Aw thanks love! & Ahh do it!! Emi would love adorbs in photos there, hahah. 💕

  2. Reply

    Lauren Lindmark

    August 25, 2017

    OMG love this post, made me want to take a trip so bad! Looks like you had so much fun 🙂

    Lauren Lindmark |

    • Reply


      August 26, 2017

      Ahh thanks girl! And lol, I hear ya! Putting this post together made me want to go on a trip so bad too! Haha 💜


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    August 27, 2017

    Omg, all these pics are amazing!! I can’t even fathom that view! I am getting hungry just by all the amazing food pics like those crepes and the gnocchi!!! YUM! I studied abroad my sophomore year of college in Paris, London, Edinburgh, and Dublin, and I LOOOOVEd Paris. Stunning! Also, we went to Jamaica for our honeymoon, and it was just so relaxing and gorgeous. Love this post, girl!

    • Reply


      August 31, 2017

      Aw thank youuu! Writing it and thinking about it definitely makes me want to go back lol. And ah that’s awesome that you went abroad your sophomore year! Sounds like you got to go to quite a few places which is amazing. I don’t think my husband would willingly go to London with me though, I have a habit of breaking out an English accent as it is, which he is NOT impressed with 😂😂 and being there would just make me want to do it all the time hhahha. And oohhh that sound like a nice and relaxing beachy honeymoon!

      Thanks as always for reading! 💕