little of this, little of jac Sun, 24 Sep 2017 16:50:57 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Fallin’ into Fall Sun, 24 Sep 2017 16:50:57 +0000 FALL has arrived!! Well, maybe not weather wise, especially not in Florida, but the season has officially started. And I cannot contain my excitement!


Fall is my favorite season in general, but also it’s my favorite time for fashion –all the sweaters with layering, hats, and booties, etc.  Now, living in Florida, the weather doesn’t always cooperate for that fall ‘chill’.  The trick to fall in Florida?  Learning to having to stick with shorts, or dress/skirts, but putting fall twists on them.  Huge part of that is color scheme. You also can’t always get much boot wear. Flip flops are of course a staple for the majority of the year. But sometimes you just want to switch it up.  Which is where the current fall trend comes in—MULES!. You don’t need to wear socks, but it’s a step up from flip flops. Easy to slip on and off. You can get simple ones, or ones that are a little more bedazzled or sparkly, something that gives that extra oomph to your outfit.



My one purchase from the Nordstrom Sale this year, my splurge, were Kate Spade mules. 😍 😍 — and ohhh do I just love them!





Here they are in two different outfit options.


Just realized they are exact opposites! haha (black top with white shorts vs. white top with black jeans)



The first is still summer style, which shoes how versatile they can be!


Outfit #1





outfit #2






They are stylish, with gems and bedazzling going on, gives it an extra oomph! But most importantly, they are comfortable! So easy to slip on and off too.  Effortless style!  I know they are going to be my go to. You can use them to dress up a casual outfit too, to give it that perfect touch.



Now the fun part for you–I have put together a little list of some mules that would be perfect additions to your fall wardrobe. And all are under $100!





#1  Charles David Emma -Black

(Absolutely love in black but also come in slate or mauve if you want to broaden your wardrobe horizon, and give it a pop of color especially with the mauve!)


#2  Steve Madden Razzi – Tan


#3  Tahari Poliana – Black


#4. Steve Madden Valent – Rose Gold (pop of color)


#5 Franco Sarto Dolly -Black


#6. Franco Sarto Sela -Leopard


#7 Steve Madden Valent -Black


#8 Joe’s Faith Mule – Taupe


#9 Tahari Pandora – Black




I also loveeee these pairs, from Lulus!–but they didn’t match with my white background theme haha so check them out also!

These three pairs are under $30!!!


Vivika  — (Both the black & blue pairs! 😍)


Zeva  — Especially the black. Buttt the patent gunmetal would be a nice pop and oomph to an outfit!)


Eliza  — (Both the clay grey and the black!)



What pair of shoes are your go-to for fall?! Anyone have a pair of mules already?! Thoughts on them?!


If you don’t yet have a pair, GO GET THEM!


Happy shopping, ladies!



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One year down, Forever to go. Wed, 06 Sep 2017 23:30:32 +0000 So, this past weekend, Tim and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary! wooooo!


It’s crazy to think that a whole year has already gone by! Thinking about it, it feels like our wedding was just a few weeks ago!


We used the weekend as a chance to reflect on the past year, and to reminisce on our wedding day, and to have some good old R&R time together.  We decided to take it back to the place where we had room blocks for our wedding, where we stayed with our out of town guests during our wedding weekend– the Hilton Orlando.  To put it simply, it did not disappoint.


It was like a tropical getaway, without actually having to travel/getaway.  STAYCATION wins again!
















The hotel is pretty awesome, having a huge pool area along with a lazy river! We took full advantage of that, and we lucked out because the weather forecast called for rain throughout the whole weekend, and besides some showers on the Saturday night, it otherwise held off.  We got plenty of pool time, getting to both swim, and hang out pool side with some food and frozen beverages.  Everything tasted delicious (from the margaritas we drank, to the foods we tried–soft pretzels, buffalo chicken nachos, burger, fries– I mean how could that not sound just yum?!).


We luckily got to check in early on our arrival day, which was a great plus and something we were very appreciative of.  Everyone there was super nice and whenever people asked what brought us there and when we told them, in their response you can tell they were genuinely happy for us and it made you honestly feel like they were glad you decided to spend it there.  The contact person I had been in touch with back during wedding block planning, was also the person I was in touch with when planning this, and she even had champagne and chocolate covered strawberries sent to our room the first night we were there! ahhhh! Click this link to see my boomerang/happy dance– WOO!






The hotel staff, from the bell man to the room service man who delivered our breakfast the morning of our anniversary, were very pleasant.  The room service employee even gave us encouraging words of advice for marriage (one thing was to let the woman run the house and finances, ahaha).  The food was yummy yet again, and we got to have our wedding cake that we had frozen for our first year anniversary!  It was pretty good for a year old frozen cake, lol.
















The night of our actual anniversary we ate out at an Italian Restaurant called Ciao Italia, which came recommended from one of my in- laws and it was actually only 5 minutes away from our hotel! Definitely a plus.  Being from New York, I always prefer authentic restaurants as opposed to chain places.  And after actually having been to Italy (Positano, for our honeymoon), I feel like you have to go the authentic route, a good ol’ mom and pop type of place.  Well this place did not disappoint, the food there was DELICIOUS.  I got the veal franchese and Tim got some kind of shrimp and scallop/pasta dish, we both thoroughly enjoyed our meals.







We clean up ok? Sometimes, we get fancy. haha

AND, I got to wear my bridal shoes which I had not worn since our wedding day!






Another cool thing about our stay, is at the end of the hallway of the floor that our room was located on, had a balcony that you could go out on, and at night time the Disney fireworks were visible!  It was like our own little private show.



Our one year anniversary weekend was so special and much enjoyed one on one time together.


One year down, forever to go!


How many years are all you guys celebrating?! Any special plans set in place? Would love to hear!




**Disclaimer–While the Hilton Orlando did indulge us with some added treats and a discounted rate, all opinions here are my own.

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We’ll Always Have Paris (+ Positano) Thu, 24 Aug 2017 19:49:34 +0000 Now that I did a blog post on our actual wedding day and all those details, I wanted to share OUR HONEYMOON!!


(PSA– this post contains a lot of pics!)


I have always had the travel bug, a case of wanderlust, however you want to put it.  I’ve been lucky enough to be have traveled a good amount to various places/countries over the years. (Hmm, maybe I’ll have to do a post on that sometime, like the month I went and volunteered abroad in Peru and lived with a host family.) Any who, back on track, haha.. I’ve always had a golden rule to never repeat a place I have already traveled, because there are still so many more I want to visit and see!


What made planning our honeymoon even more exciting and fun, was that we had never gone on a real, real vacation away together. We had done little quick weekend getaways, but never flying over sees somewhere, or to an all inclusive resort or what not.  And the other thing with planning our honeymoon, is we wanted to venture somewhere we both hadn’t been.


How did we decide?? Well, back when Tim and I first started dating, we did what all couples do, talk about all different topics, our likes and dislikes, the “what ifs”.  I remember asking him if he could travel anywhere, where would it be.  His response?—Italy.  Tim, who also loves to travel and has gone on several cruises in the past, had never been over to Europe. So when planning our honeymoon, this location of course came to mind—and it was even more perfect because it was somewhere I had never ventured either! Add to that, the city of love, Paris.  (Which I had traveled to before, but I always say I would make an exception to my golden rule for because I was just that intrigued with it.  Maybe because it reminded me of my home city of NY, with the hustle and bustle, but just a fancier version, haha– who knows.)


Italy of course has many a places to see and go to!  I originally had Cinque Terre in mind, after seeing so many articles and Pinterest things on that location. But then, a certain other coastal spot became the must see and go to location, and lo- and-behold that is where we chose —POSITANO!


So, we planned a 12 day honeymoon.  Which referencing an older blog post regarding my love of carry-on packing–that is what I used for this trip, 12 day European extravaganza, with different types of weather, all in a carry on! woo woo! (As well as my amazing personal travel bag, which will be a whole separate post on it’s own, at some point)


One of the biggest things to decide when planning a trip—where to stay. Twelve days away of course doesn’t come cheap, especially with those two locations.  So to help?  We decided to stay in an Air BnB in both Positano and Paris, and absolutely LOVED both!  We picked out two cute studio apartments, which really gave us the “living like a local” feel.


The pros and cons to the air bnb in Positano? Pro was affordability, uh-mazingg view, and really feeling like we lived there.  The con?—well, if you know Positano or have even seen pictures, you know it is a cliff town.  So there’s tons of warnings on the web and Pinterest about a lot of stairs.  Well our condo?—it was wayyy up in the hills of Positano, haha. So, we had to walk at least 20 minutes to get down to the city center, which may not sound terrible, but it’s all hills and stairs. By day two, my calves were having charlie horses and in such pain! Haha (although I guess you can count the climbing of the stairs as exercise, which then made us work off all the delicious pasta we were eating)



BUT, can we just stare at this view from our air bnb condo?!







So, what did we do in Positano for the 6 days we spent there?! (Besides walk, and walk, and walk some more 😂😂 ) We ate, A LOT of delicious food.  The best Italian ever.  Some spots we ate at? Caffe Positano, Ristorante La Pergola, Il Capitano, and Il Fornillo.  Amazing.  Delicious.  All the above.












I miss my long hair! (This swimsuit makes me feel like a mermaid)










We also took the ferry over to the Island of Capri one day and did a private boat tour.  HIGHLY recommend.  We went with Gianni’s Boat, and it was something we will always remember.  It was Tim’s favorite part of the honeymoon.  We got to swim in the ice cold water (seriously took our breath away, figuring  the high temp of the day was only 72!). We got to go inside the Blue Grotto, which is a cave in the side of the cliff, except the day we went, the water was too high to go inside on the boat, so we had to jump off into the water and swim out way in! Oh my gosh.  simply amazing.  To say we experienced that, and to have done it with Tim.  It was just perfect.  We of course ate more in Capri, haha, going for slices of Sicilian pizza, and of course it was just delicious.





A littleeee bit more tan than my husband, hahah.



My hair was super super long, gosh.



















My souvenir from Positano?


A pair of custom made sandals!


Walking through the cliff town, there are many shops to walk into.  This one we came across called Ninas, a man sits there and literally makes sandals for you.  I gave him my shoe size, and picked out colors, and it was fascinating to stand there and watch him do his thing.







Just like that our time in Positano came to an end, and we were off to Paris!


Well, we actually had a one day stay over in Naples, which this next pic pretty much sums up our stay there.




6 days straight of all that pasta actually had us CRAVING something different.  anything.. even McDonalds! We walked 25 mins to get to one, which let us see a bit of the part of town we were staying in.  (This was the “to go” batch we got, we had already eaten at the actual McDonalds 😂😂) We walked quite a bit actually, even though it was suppose to be our relaxing day lol.  But after spending about 6 hours out and about, we used the rest of the day to just Netflix and chill and just hung out in the air bnb that we had quickly last minute swooped up there. (which it was another win for a condo!).  All those stairs and hills of Positano had us beat! and we needed to re-energize for Paris!



NOW, off to Paris!





The pros of the condo in Paris? Only a 15 minutes walk to the Eiffel Tower, which really gave us the opportunity to see the city.  We were right by a bunch of restaurants and stores.  And we literally felt like we lived there. I honestly cannot name any cons of this choice, it was perfect.


We once again, did A LOT of walking here too, haha. Being from NY, I am comfortable with taking trains, and the Paris train system is super easy to follow along, but some times, we just walked instead of hopping on.  And I mean, miles and miles, lol.


We went to the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, Sacre Coeur, Moulin Rouge, Champs Elysees, the Catacombs, even Jim Morrison’s grave (Tim’s request, very romantic, I know haha). Ate at cute side walk cafe’s, and even finished off our last night with a picnic on the grass by the Eiffel Tower.















Although it is not the original Love Locks Bridge (they removed those a little ways back), another section along the river has locks now!
















yup, those are skulls and bones.















Even though it was a rainy last night, we enjoyed every bit!


It was the perfect honeymoon for us.



Of course there were times that had us on edge too though —two pop into mind– On the way there missing our connecting flight to Naples (the customs agents there just talked and talked, to each other no less!, and so the line went super slow.  Not to mention it was just the TWO agents working, and hundreds of people trying to pass through and reach their connecting flights!!!  So we missed ours, and the next one to Naples was a whole 12 hours later!, so our first day of our honeymoon was spent on a plane, and then in an airport, which I literally fell asleep on the floor of.)


The other mishap?…a confusion between Tim and I regarding what credit card we were bringing, and leaving the others behind, and so in turn us ONLY having his Discover Credit Card on us (WHICH FYI–THEY DO NOTTTT TAKE IN EUROPE, PEOPLE!). haha, which I knew, but Tim did not, obviously.  lol.  It is something we look back on and laugh at now, however at the time I’m sure you could imagine it wasn’t very humorous.  Which then lead to one night Tim putting his Debit card in an ATM there just to have some extra cash on us (He had already used it once no problem a couple of days prior) and us praying to get money out, and the ATM proceeding to eat the card and tell us it was reported stolen 😱😂


SO, Lol. Otherwise it was perfect. And one recent talk we had, was about how we want to return to both of those locations!  They will forever hold a special place in our hearts, and I can totally see us making another trip to both.


Have you guys been to Italy or Paris?!

Any other places you have traveled that you recommend?!

Where have you gone in your honeymoon?!

I can’t wait to hear. Please share!!




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Feels Like Home — A Look at Our Wedding Day Thu, 03 Aug 2017 15:00:58 +0000 Where do I start?!


Our wedding day, was honestly everything we could have hoped for. From the location, to the details, to the actual celebration with all our loved ones, it was truly amazing.


A month from now, we will be celebrating our one year anniversary (WHAAAT?!?). It is crazy to think that amount of time has already passed.  So in honor and anticipation of our one year anniversary, I wanted to do a post sharing all the details of our special day. (Warning– there are a lot of photos to follow, haha)




Well, first we had to decide which state to have it in, haha.  For those who don’t personally know me or my husband, let me give a little background story.  I originally lived in NY (born and raised), and Tim (my husband) is a born and raised Florida boy.  We met when I was down visiting my cousin one summer, they had gone to high school together, and he came out with us and hung around during my trip down.

We hit it off, and decided to keep talking even once I went back up to New York.  After a year of doing the long distance (which luckily with my schedule as a Registered Nurse, we were able to visit more often then you’d think.  Although there was one 3 month stretch we had to go which was rough!), we decided to take the next step.  I moved down to Florida and we moved in together!

So fast forward, got a pooch together, got engaged and then married!  So, when I say we had to decide which state to get married in, it was either going to be in New York or in Florida.  We decided to go with Florida, and we ended up booking Labor Day Weekend, partly because a couple of years prior, LDW was Tim’s first visit up to NY!

Not being from down here, it was a little of a challenge for me to know of wedding  venues, vendors, etc.  Luckily, there is pinterest, etsy, and google! Haha! Thank gosh!

It did not take long for us to stumble across our venue, and as soon as we were there, we KNEW.


Highland Manor is a beautiful old manor house, that has been relocated several times throughout the years, but it is a staple so they don’t tear it down, just move it.  It was owned by a doctor years and years back, and over the years, has been a restaurant and now a venue.

Picture this.  A beautiful old manor house, on a large piece of land, with an old oak tree as the backdrop for the ceremony, and a lake/pond on the property.  Inside is a ballroom where the reception was held.  It had a vintage chic/romantic look to it (which was why when I tried on my specific wedding dress, I just KNEW as well, because it fit into that description also.)



** Funny side note to include– the days leading up to our wedding day, lovely Hurricane Hermine was approaching/making her way through Florida.  Two days before the wedding, when we went out to eat with some out of state guests who arrived early, there were tornado warning even. We were at a place called Yellow Dog Eats (delicious sandwiches!!), which has inside and outside seating, and ended up having to move inside due to wind gusts and stuff actually banging/falling on the awning.  The day before the wedding, we did the rehearsal outside under the tree, with umbrellas over our heads.  It was gloomy.  Having this forecast for an outside ceremony? Notttt so great haha.  However, we woke up wedding day morning, and it was alllll sun! And it held up the entire day!  Now if that isn’t a wedding day miracle.


Now back to the gorgeous venue…



For photography, we went with George Street.  The unique thing about them, is that they are a National Photo and Video Company, and the way they run is pretty cool.  You meet with a consultant in your area, and they speak with you about your likes and dislikes, your venue, etc.  When you go home, you take an online quiz regarding your likes of photos and different styles, and based on what you choose, they narrow you down to three photographers in your area with similar styles.  Our photographer was Gayla, who had photographed at our venue before, which I think it was key seeing her photos from our exact place.  She was absolutely lovely and so pleasant to spend the day with.  Her assistant was Woody who had great energy and got along great with our guests.


Our color scheme — navy with hints of mint and gold.  My bridesmaids had navy dresses, the MOH wore mint.  The groomsmen wore charcoal suits with navy ties, the best man sported a mint tie to match the MOH..  Tim (the groom), wore a navy suit.


Our centerpieces were a mix of homemade and purchased.  I got the wooden numbered blocks off of etsy, just loved the script detail to them.  The wine bottles were purchased over the course  of our engagement stretch (and slowly consumed hahah) and we then spray painted them the mint color.  I purchased the mason jars from Michaels, as well as the lace ribbon that I personally then hot glued on.  And the gold chargers were a last minute buy not too far out from the wedding, because I felt the centerpiece was just missing something.  So I went into World Market seeing if I could find something to pull it all together, and came across these square gold chargers, (which were only $2 a piece! Score!)


I kept it simple with the flowers, using just babies breath for the centerpieces, and then my bouquet along with the bridesmaids were garden roses with pretty greenery.  All my flowers came from Blossoms Orlando.








The “guest book” was actually a canvas that I purchased off of Peachwik  and designed using our color scheme.  The cake toppers I purchased off of etsy and played into the whole “state” thing, instead of a traditional cake topper.  I used an old suitcase that had previously been Tim’s great grandmother’s, spray painted it brown (it had been a not so pretty shade of green), and then made a hanging banner to place on it to be a home for the cards!  I collected wine corks, (which thanks to my MIL who works in catering and was able to hoard them for me as well), and myself and one of my bridesmaids sat down one Saturday night and slit into them and cut them down to use them as the place-card holders.  The favors were vintage keys that are actually bottle openers! And they were hung for display on a metal wiring wooden frame that my husband had built through some Pinterest inspiration I had come across.  All these little details were so personal and I feel truly matched our wedding venue.







Our cake was by Party Flavors, made with their Amaretto flavor, and it was DELICIOUS!














For the bridal party gifts, we gave the groomsmen Nixon watches, the Star Wars collection.  And for my ladies, we did Michael Kors’ clutches, in gold that way they were able to use it for the wedding (their heels were all a pale gold and there were gold accents throughout the venue as well) with some goodies inside, as well as the silk floral kimonos you’ll see them sporting below. (And also, I know everyone says they had the best bridal party ever… but we really did! ❤️)






Our gifts to each other: I gave Tim a Nixon watch to match the guys, and he gave me a pair of Tieks I had been wanting, that I ended up taking on our honeymoon!






I had actually flown up to NY to be able to go bridal gown shopping with my mother and sister (who still live up there), and I invited my MIL along for the trip! (She has two boys, and therefore she may not otherwise get to experience this, not having a daughter of her own.)

I tried on quite a few dresses, and what they say is true: when you put on THE one, you just know.  I got teary eyed and just loved it.  It was a gown by Allure Romance, which the name alone tells you it fits the whole look and feel of our wedding.  I found it in a boutique in Long Island, NY called New York Bridal Outlet & Boutique  (I later found it in a bridal shop 2 hours from where I live in Florida, and the shop would not budge on the price, not nearly as good as the NY boutique had it going for (shocker right?!), so I decided to just go ahead and get the dress with the NY boutique, and I was able to do the sizings and alterations up there when I had gone back up for my bridal shower and another visit as well, and then they shipped it down to me all ready to go!.  I just got it steamed down in Florida a couple days before the wedding, and picked it up on the ride to the wedding!











Make up for myself and the ladies were done by MUA Diana, who comes to your home or venue and gets you alllll dolled up! If you’re in the Orlando area and need someone I would definitelyyy recommend her! Such a sweetheart too! (I don’t normally wear much make up, and Tim even prefers me with a more natural look, so I wanted to stick with that for wedding day.)  Which this can be a challenge when looking for a MUA, because a lot like to reallllyyy make you up.  I was so happy with the finishing look by Diana.


Hair was done at Clove Salon, and I had Courtney do mine.  She was simply awesome, so sweet, and I LOVED how my hair turned out. I wanted something simple, yet elegant, and definitely pulled back due to Florida heat and humidity as well as a style that would last after lots of dancing!




For my jewelery, I kept it simple.  The hair comb and earrings I purchased off of Etsy.  And the matching beautiful pearl/jewel bracelets were from Charming Charlie’s (which is where I also purchased the bridesmaids/MOH bracelets from!)  My “something blue” was a Pure Vida bracelet, the first thing Tim ever gave to me.  I wore it on my ankle, (so not to clash with my other jewelry, haha.). My “something old” was a head band that I had worn as a child.  I used it as my garter!  And my something borrowed was a diamond stud from my mom that I used for one of my ear piercings. (Which afterward she gave the other as well and told me to keep!) My shoes were Nina.












The ballroom was breathtaking.  It was exactly as we had envisioned.




The night was unforgettable.  Tons of dancing (our DJ was Steve with Power Entertainment, and he was awesome!  He kept a great schedule of events, kept the flow great, and kept the crowd energized!), lots of laughs and smiles with all our loved ones, delicious food (the venue is owned by a catering company, Dubsdread Catering, and the food was to die for!) , and plenty of drinks 😉




You know how some people say they wish they just eloped? That they wish they hadn’t spent the money on their wedding?  This was not the case at all to us.  This is something we both agree on— we loved our wedding and truly believe it was all worth it, we would not go back and change a thing, and we do not wish we eloped or had something smaller.


Some more photos that capture the beauty of this venue and the amazing memories made.




I just love this photo of my husband looking all happy looking at me, hahah











We had a groomsman and a bridesmaid swap attire for the reception entrance!





Aaaaand a groomsman wearing a bear for the entrance as well  😂😂











My best friend.

If you knew, how happy, you are making me.






We had arranged a coach bus to take our guests from and back to the hotel which we had blocked rooms at (the amazingly beautiful Hilton Orlando, which we got such a steal on the price for our guests!) to the venue, since they were about 35 minutes apart, and we had a really decent amount of out of town guests (from up North).  We left at the end of the night on the bus with everyone and then stayed for two nights in a comped bridal suite!.  The hotel is stunning, has it’s own lazy river, and we were able to spend the whole next day poolside with all our loved ones. We are actually planning to spend our one year anniversary weekend back at that same hotel, and we CANNNOT wait!!  (Stay tuned for a blog post following our stay, on alllll the details of it!!)


Ohh how I wish we could relive this day!! It was simply perfect.



I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed taking the time reminiscing and writing it!






PS– The title of this post is our wedding song — Feels Like Home, by Chantal Kreviazuk (from the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days).

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These booties were made for walking.. Tue, 25 Jul 2017 23:12:33 +0000 So, recently I came across this product called ‘Preheels’.  It’s been online and on the morning talk shows. The concept of it? Pretty simple : To spray on your feet before wearing your heels, to prevent them from hurting. Just imagine– ladies nights out, date nights, birthday celebrations–getting to wear your favorite pair of heels/shoes and not suffering! Sounds heavenly ladies, am I right?! Well I just had to try it out!


It comes in a small aerosol bottle, (there are two sizes), goes on clear, and dries in about 60 seconds.  It creates a barrier between your feet and your shoes, which helps with friction. (It works to prevent blisters due to friction, not just from wearing a pair of heels that hurt your feet from standing so long, etc. The friction part is key).  It can be used not only on heels, but other shoes as well!–including flip flops, or even sneakers, that rub against your foot in an area, causing redness and blisters.








The lucky pair of shoes that I got to experiment with?! That new pair of peep toe booties I’ve been posting lately on my insta and on here. Trying them on in the store, I could already feel a pressure spot right in the peep toe area, where the top of the shoe presses on my big toe ..add to that, hours of wearing them?! I could just imagine the amount of pain.


Now I didn’t go out dancing (that will have to be next), but I did wear said pair of booties for dinner on multiple occasions and even out for a wine walk! (And the thought never crossed my mind, that “ouch these hurt” or “ugh, I can’t wait to take these off”)











The product definitely helped and made a difference. Like I said, I had already felt an inkling of pain/pressure when trying the shoes on in the store, so the fact that when using this product, and after wearing the booties for about 5 hours total (including for the wine walk) and only still feeling a slight pressure in that one spot in the peep toe area on my big toe, is huge! That even with the shoe rubbing (think “friction”, people) on that spot for those multiple hours, and it not becoming unbearable, as well as no red or irritated mark when taking the booties off at the end of the night!




-Some difficulty with washing it off.  I mean, you are spraying a layer of solution on to your foot, so keep that in mind. After my first time using the product and then showering after wearing it, I had ran out of the house to run errands and did not notice until I was already out and about that there was flakiness/scaliness on my toes/foot from where the spray had been. Even though I washed, I apparently needed to scrub some extra.


-It can matte your toenail polish. So especiallyy if you have a fresh pedicure, make sure to cover the nails with a paper towel or piece of paper, so it doesn’t ruin your nail polish!



All in all, I definitely think the product helps and will continue to use it! It’s worth it to me.


It will definitely be one of the necessities I pack along with me on my travels!





If you too would like to try this product out for yourselves– you can use my online code for 30% off your first purchase on the PreHeels website!!– just type in code — ‘JacXPreHeels’ at checkout!


Enjoy ladies! Happy shoe wearing!




And thanks to PreHeels, who sent me this product to test out and post about! *all opinions are my own. #collab


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DIY TIME! Sun, 16 Jul 2017 15:40:04 +0000 Back when we were planning our wedding, I wanted to pick a favor that guests could use again and again, while at the same time, act as a reminder of our special day! I came across the cutest vintage keys, that also double as a bottle opener! — Perfect to have in a drawer at home, or I have also since put one on a key ring and have it on my keychain with all my keys!—always ready to go! 😉



They fit the look and feel of our wedding perfectly.  Sort of that romantic/chic/vintage sense.  Now that I had the perfect favor for our guests, I wanted a perfect way to display them.  I did not want to simply lay them out on a table or put them in a bowl.


So, when planning a wedding, what is one of your go to spots for inspiration??!—PINTEREST! I looked up different things to try and get an idea of what I wanted/needed, and came across a few types of frames— enough to give me clue of what we should do!  I showed my husband some pictures for inspiration, so he could get the idea of what we needed to build (and by “we”, I mean “he”  😂😂) And what we came up with? A metal wiring wooden frame.


My husband is an Assistant Store Manager at one of the Toole’s Ace Hardware stores, and has become quite the handy man.  On one of our days off, we took a ride to one of their locations together, and looked at their different items and options (plenty to choose from), and picked what we needed!


We got metal wiring (which was light silver in color), and picked up some metallic/charcoal color spray paint to go over it.  He also picked up the wood we would need to make the frame out of, and a small can of white paint.  Simple enough, right?


When we got home, he went to work on the project, and built exactly what I had envisioned.




It was seriously everything I could have hoped for, and fit perfectly with our venue. (An old manor house on a beautiful piece of property, with an old oak tree as the backdrop for the ceremony, and a beautiful ballroom for the reception—stay tuned for a post next month with tons of pictures recapping that amazing day!)


Since the wedding, I have turned it into a piece of wall decor, and now use the clothes pins to hang pictures on it!


If I was in love with it as a decor piece for the wedding, I am as much– or even more so– in love with it now!





It is a perfect addition to our home, and a reminder of that special day as well.



Have you guys done any special DIY projects for your wedding day or for your home? Would love to see and/or hear about it!



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New York State of Mind Sun, 02 Jul 2017 17:06:49 +0000 I love shopping. I mean with starting this blog and all, there’s no real surprise there. 😂😂


In the past, when going shopping with my sister, she would always say that I need blinders on when going into a store (you know, like they put on horses, to get them to focus on what’s in front of them, or the task at hand, and not get side tracked?) 😂😂  She would say this because we would walk into a store, and even if we would be there for a specific reason, my eyes and mind would always wander. “Ohh, look at this cute top”, or “oh my gosh this would be perfect for so and so”. It wasn’t always just for myself, I would spot something that would look good on or perfect for someone we know.  I always said it was a gift and a curse, haha.


Well last week when we were in NY, the husband and I ventured in to the city to meet up with my sister and her husband for some brunch and walking around.  The hubs and I arrive a bit early, so we put our name in for brunch and then decided to wander around a bit while we waited for our company to arrive/our table to be ready.



(umm, hello belly button 😂😂)



Dress  |  Sandals  | Sunnies



One of the things I always love about the city (Manhattan, for those who aren’t sure what I’m referring to), is that there is always something going on.  Whether a parade, street fair, or food festival, etc.  Well the next block down from the brunch place, there were some tables and tents set up of people selling stuff, so we decided to walk past.


And just like when I used to go shopping with my sister, my eyes went wandering! The FIRST table we went to walk by, something caught my eye and I just HAD to stop. It was a beautiful coral/pink scarf with blue and tan flowers on it. Perfect for spring and summer, just a gorgeous color and print.




The lady saw it caught my eye, and she came right over to me, showing me the same scarf, made into a vest/shawl type of thing to wear.  She then went on to slipping it on to me, haha (touché, sales lady, touché), and we quickly noticed that the blue in the scarf matched the blue dress I was wearing, pretty much perfectly! SOLD!


I had never seen a scarf made into that style garment before, so I had her show me how to repeat the steps to get it into that style. (Actually, she kindly showed me twice, because I wanted to make sure to have it down, lol!).


I of course had to take some cute pics with my new addition to my ensemble, and what better than with a gorgeous NY back drop?






I don’t have any pics of brunch, but the spot we ate at was called Jane Restaurant & Bar, and I loved the Vanilla Bean French Toast I got! So tasty!


After brunch, we went on to go by the One World Trade Center Observatory, which really did have just amazing views (as a native NY-er you don’t usually go to the attractions, except as a kid on a field trip maybe, so it was a first for my sister and I.  And actually, I’ve never been inside the Empire State Building or inside the Statue of Liberty either, even though I had lived in NY my whole life. –Well, before relocating to Florida 3 years ago).


the hubs and I …



Sisters 💕




After the Observatory, we went on to grab an infamous Popsicle and Prosecco drink at a rooftop bar in the city called the Loopy Doopy rooftop bar, which is found at the top of a NYC hotel.  It was definitely over priced, and even though I have made Popsicles in Prosecco at home for a dinner I hosted before, it’s something I just had to do, since it’s where it’s known for it.



I mean how pretty?!…and Delicious!





That completed our fun filled day in NYC. We had a great time with my sister and her husband. Also realized we don’t take pics of the four of us enough, haha.


Moral of the story — you never know when or where you can come across the cutest addition to your wardrobe!


What’s an unlikely/unsuspected find you’ve come across that you just LOVE?! Have you guys ever had a fun day in the city? If not NYC, then another well known city? Or one you would like to go to?! I’d love to hear!




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Miss New Bootie(s) Sun, 25 Jun 2017 13:44:27 +0000 Like a kid on Christmas, I always get excited for new purchases and this one was no different. I scored these uh-mazingly cute booties, PLUS they were marked down! Even better!


We had a dinner planned on this past Thursday night with some of my old college friends (we’ve kept in touch over the years and always try to get together every time I come up for a visit), and I’ve been wanting a cute new pair of shoes any way, so this was the perfect reason to get some!


With no luck at two other stores, I stumbled upon a Bloomingdales Outlet store (😱😱  I know! I was so excited to see this! We don’t have any in the Orlando area).



And lo and behold, came across these beauties! 😍😍






They are perfect for summer, as well as will be perfect for fall! (Think cute skinny jeans, or rolled boyfriend jeans!, throw on a cute oversize knit sweater and wa-la! Perfect!)


There’s a similar pair by Vince Camuto that are so popular right now, but of course much more moola. So naturally, I was SO happy to come across these Guess ones for MUCHHH cheaper! (Originally around $70 and I paid $41!)


My ensemble from that Thursday night outing :: I paired it with my current FAVORITE top that I’m OBSESSED with! (Best part?!–no bra! Just petals!) cute white denim shorts, and this adorable crossbody bag I came across during a Target run! It is tiny, fitting the necessities — my phone (iPhone 6s, larger will not fit), my card wallet, a lipgloss and Chapstick, and keys!






Top  |  Shorts  | Crossbody


And a huge plus of being only 5’3 with a husband who is 6’3?!


….being able to wear 3 inch heels and your husband still having 9 inches on ya 😂😂



And and last but not least, a pic of the ladies, my nursing school loves 💕


We went to eat at a Colombian restaurant in Astoria (Queens), NY– called Basurero.  Back in the college days, we used to frequent it, always enjoying the food and yummy mojitos!


10 years of friendship, (8 years post graduation)…still going strong!




What are your current go-to pieces?!



Happy weekend, loves!




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This is how I roll.. Wed, 21 Jun 2017 00:06:52 +0000 Those who know me..know I LOVE the challenge of traveling with just a carry on! Back when I was preparing for our honeymoon last year..I had many a people tell me that there was noooo way I could take just a carry on. BUT, lo and behold, I did just that! I fit all my clothes and necessities for our 12 day European honeymoon in just my carry on luggage! 😱🙌🏼🙋🏻 say whaaaat?!  You heard me right. 12 days in a carry on!


It is something I am very proud of! It’s much easier traveling ‘light’–not having to lug around big bags or worrying about checking those bags in and getting them after landing.


Well, we have our NY trip which we leave for tomorrow (woo!), and I am getting all my goodies packed for that, and I thought I’d share some tricks and tips with everyone. Now, this is only a 6 day trip, so it’s MUCH less difficult than double that like for the honeymoon, ha. But, I am packing lots of options (a girl needs her options after all), so you’ll see the basic idea behind the technique and what not.


What I’m packing (and then undies and bras of course, not featured here)–Excuse the little bit messy comforter.


So, it’s a good amount to say the least, haha.  I also throw a straightener in there, and some travel necessities (mini hairspray and mousse, travel size dry shampoo–from one of my monthly Ipsy bags!, travel toothbrushes, soap, make up remover, etc.)


I took a pic of the travel size stuff that I love to bring along on trips!



And no, I do not have any kiddos, haha, but if you spy that KIDS Banana Boat sunscreen— it is spf 50, which my husband has quite pasty skin so he needs a higher spf.  However, traveling with just a carry on, you can only have 3 oz or less of liquid products, and since many a people do not have spf 50 sunscreen at their house (I can usually bank on people having spf 30 though), I needed to pick up a travel size for him so I wouldn’t have to worry about purchasing some once we get up there.  And do you know how hard it is to find a travel size sunscreen in spf 50 unless it’s for kids or a baby?! haha So that is why that is included 😂😂


And then I bring a personal bag. Which mine is like a weekender type–so it fits a bunch of goodies as well!, I will have to do a separate post another day on that bag alone because it is uh-mazing! (I used it on our honeymoon as well!) And the personal bag I fit things like makeup bags x2, jewelry, contacts, glasses, charger, iPad, a book to read, etc.)


So, back to packing….my trick for getting all those clothes in a carry on?!  It’s all in the ROLL! Yup, I simply fold and roll my clothes to be able to fit more! Like so,




(I only rolled on the left side in this pic, just for you to get the idea, because like I mentioned earlier, this trip is only for 6 days and I had more space.)  However when we went for our 12 day European Honeymoon, I rolled everything. And it fit perfectly! In addition to rolling, my other tip/trick?


This Gem..



It is a travel size of Downy wrinkle releaser Plus! I used it back on our honeymoon, and it worked wonders! (This is not a sponsored ad–just a product that I came across and has worked for me!)

Especially because I had all my stuff rolled, I would take out what I wanted to wear and spray it (holding it a little ways away from the item of clothing), then would shake it out a little and let it air dry while I went and showered and got ready, and then it was good to go! For items that seemed a little more wrinkled, I would take out what I planned to wear the next day, (the night before), and spray it, but then I would hang it up and let it air dry over night, and by the next morning, wa-la!


I used this same technique/trick for packing my husband’s carry-on for our 12 day honeymoon as well,  and it also worked like a charm! (And his clothes are larger than mine, as well as we went during September, so there was a mix of weather so we had to have both summer/fall type of clothes options.  And still, I fit all of it in a carry on each!)


Hope these tips/tricks help!– if you try them out, I would love to hear!



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One on One Sun, 11 Jun 2017 16:47:45 +0000 In every relationship, you want to keep things alive. Whether just starting out, long term, engaged, or married.


A date day/night is necessary to not only step away from work and every day routine, but to have time one on one.


My husband and I do a lot of these little outings, and one of our occasional ones is going to a comedy club. Which is exactly what we did last night! We made a night out of it —  dressing up a little,  getting there early to grab a drink before hand, sat at the bar of the comedy club and talked and laughed. Then went in to see the show, grabbing some appetizers while we waited.




The show was HILARIOUS. We saw a comedian named Dan Cummins, who has been on the podcast that my husband listens to. Even the opening comedians were good and had us laughing. On the way out, we purchased an animated book by the main comedian, which looks like it can be a kids’ bed time story book by just the cover, but it is certainly NOT, haha.


Afterward, we walked around the rest of the area where the comedy club is, which has shops and restaurants and live entertainment.


Just some more pics of my outfit thoughhh.  Wearing sneakers and scrubs all the time, when not at work I definitely enjoy dressing up a little and throwing on some shoes with height to them, haha.  Although, there has been a time (or two), after a night of dancing, that I’ve had to get a piggyback ride from my husband back to the car 😂😂





LOVING the details in this top. Solid black for the most part, but some embroidery at the top, just to add a little somethin’- somethin’  to it.  It’s by a brand called Pebbles and Stone, I had swooped it up at TjMaxx!  And then my go to white pants are Michael Kors, which I had also scored at TjMaxx a couple years back (lasting like a gem though!)







Back to date days/nights.


We enjoy times like this, because it’s just us, and we get to laugh and hang out with just one another.

That’s truly important in relationships.


Some other date day/nights that we enjoy:


Trying a new restaurant –being from NY, I love authentic food spots. I’m not a huge fan of chain restaurants, so I love finding little mom&pop type of places or a little hole in the wall. Some of the best food we’ve eaten have come from spots like these. One spot we stumbled across here in Orlando is called Fresco.  Although the wait time was a little long and the staff at the front weren’t the most pleasant, the authentic Italian food was delicious!, and for that alone we would probably go back. But I know there’s still so many places to check out!


Dancing! — My husband and I love to dance, and try to do this every so often, finding a bar that has good music playing.  Or, we have come to find that Mango’s is a good spot!


Movies (at a theatre or renting from redbox and watching at home). And can’t forget the munchies part!


Bowling –can be competitive but fun.


Disney–living just outside Orlando, this is the closest amusement park to us.  But others can go to whatever one is closest to them!


Downtown Disney (or Disney Springs as it’s now called)–there’s shops and restaurants and live entertainment, we enjoy walking around.


Lake days with the pooch — we have a lake less than 10 mins from our house that we love to take Henley, our German shorthaired pointer, who has a ton of energy and loves the water. We lay a blanket out and relax in the sun. There’s a little tiki bar right there that we can grab some food and drinks from as well.  I think after dancing, this one is next favorite on the list for us.



What are some things you enjoy to do with your other half?! Would love to hear!



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